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Project overview
Arques are a boutique jewellers based in London, competing with some of the largest names in jewellery in a highly competitive and luxury market. This high turbulent and demanding environment meant not only did Arques branding and online experience have to stand out, but also be completely bulletproof.

One of the more famous sayings in the creative industry goes as follows, ‘Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so hard’. We took this truly to heart while crafting Arques visual identity. We created a minimal e-commerce experience that was tailored to showcasing each bespoke piece as a work of art rather than a product. Our collaboration brought about a visual style that combined muted and neutral colours (reflecting the models) with thin and delicate fonts (reflecting the jewellery).

arques london squarespace website

To create an online experience that rivalled the in-store experience offered by competitors, we had to acknowledge the quality of service expected by Arques’ customers and rise to those demands. Rather than a traditional e-commerce website, we applied careful restraint and a free-flowing layout to mimic the experience of high-end jewellery stores, in a digital environment. This created a user experience more akin to being guided through a gallery than browsing a shop.

As Arques is only a small team, it was important for us to work collaboratively with them to create an e-commerce site they could manage and update when they needed to without having complex CMS or code to edit. We provided them with a system that allowed them to update their own website with curated content quickly whilst minimising the risk of going off brand.

Arques Squarespace Screenshots

“Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so hard”. We took this truly to heart while crafting Arques visual identity.


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