Why everyone should be using Sketch App 

Ever since I was introduced to Sketch, my life has changed. Recently, my workflow has increased significantly and it is now my tool of choice for all my digital design work, because its just so easy and simple to use.

Sketch is a very intuitive and powerful tool - it didn’t take me long to pick up the basics. Once you know that it’s just a case of exploring and using your common sense, I quickly managed to familiarise myself with it.

Here’s why I love Sketch and why you should be using it too.


The ability to be able to create symbols is life changing. This functionality basically allows you to create a master element that you can reuse across artboards and pages. 

Creating symbols so they can be used over again has been amazing! No longer do you have to copy and paste the same design elements, or redo the same amend again and again, you simply change it in one place and it carry’s across to the rest of them.

My rule is always over symbol not under - you can always detach from them. 

Automatic guides / grids

Set up your guides / grid in layout settings and it automatically sets it up across all your artboards for you.

Sketch Mirror

Sketch Mirror is a powerful plugin which allows you to visualise your creation in real time on your phone or tablet, which is really useful for perfecting your responsive styles.

Sketch Toolbox

I would definitely recommend downloading Sketch Toolbox. It’s essentially a library of plugins that developers have created to help create a better functionality and workflow within Sketch. You can find anything from making all your objects pixel prefect to removing all unwanted symbols.

Sketch Community 

Although sketch is relatively new, there is so much support for it, developers are constantly creating plugins to make improve Sketch’s functionality. Any issues you submit to sketch someone will look at it and get back to you within a few hours they are always constantly looking to improve the software.  

These are just a few of many amazing features that Sketch has to offer. So if you haven’t tried Sketch - what are you waiting for?