Our top five Sketch plugins

Sketch has been revolutionary for web design. Since it's release in 2010, the symboling features, automated responsive grids, and layer and text styles have been making web designers lives so much easier.

As I'm sure you Sketch whizzes know, you can also download plug-ins from the Sketch Toolbox to make your life even easier. So we thought we'd compile a list of our top five Sketch plugins that save us design time.



For those of you who haven't heard of Unsplash, it's a free stock photography site with stunning photography. Now, instead of having to search on Unsplash and the save and import the image to Sketch, you search inside Sketch (or select a random photo) and import images.
Download here


Symbol Instance Renamer

If like us you're a bit of a neat freak with your Sketch files, the Symbol Instance Renamer is for you. If you rename a symbol in the symbol pages, or you've alt + dragged a million rendition of one symbol and have 'Symbol copy', 'Symbol copy 2', 'Symbol copy copy' all over the shop then fear not. All you need to do is go to the plug-ins menu and select 'Rename all instances on all pages', and like magic, all your symbols are renamed correctly. Hallelujah!
Download here



Making sure your designs look good is, of course, key - but are your designs accessible? Stark has a built-in colour contrast analyser which 'ensures your colours, visuals and typography work hand in hand while providing great readability, legibility and contrast.' Not only this, but Stark also has a colourblind simulator and even suggests colours you can use if you don't pass the 'accessibility test'.
Download here



This one does exactly what it says on the tin - it allows you to distribute items either horizontally or vertically evenly. Just select your items, select the plug-in and then enter how many pixels you want them to be distributed by. Gone are the days of shift + arrows!
Download here



Probably one of the more known Sketch plugins, but that's for a good reason. Craft has multiple properties - it allows you to upload your sketch files seamlessly into InVision, (and it works with InVision Design System Manager), it creates fake names and headlines for you based on what subject you pick (goodbye lorem ipsum), and it duplicates content for you quickly - to name a few.
Download here

What plugins are you loving at the moment?