A fresh new look for the New Year


It’s here, and just in time for Christmas! We’re very excited to share with you something we have had in the works now for the best part of 2018.

In the background behind our clients rebrands, campaigns and digital work, we’ve been pushing a little project that sits closer to home. We’re very excited and proud to launch our own re-brand, overhauling our old look and replacing it with something that better fits us and our ethos.

We’ve taken the time craft something that properly executes our expertise and talents here at the studio, and showcases them in a considered yet beautiful space. This new brand was also a test for us, to see if we could take everything our wonderful clients have taught us, and create a version of our brand that reflected what we have learned and shed some light on where we want to be in the new year. We’re pretty proud of it and we hope you come to love it too, think of it as our second home; far more than just a website!


Studio 77 was built around the idea of collaboration and creativity, and those are the cornerstones of our new second home. We have designated journal space (which we have fondly named “The Scoop”) where not only will each of us curate fresh and exciting new content, but also give you guys incites and stories from the studio. Be it the latest design trends, new software or how we’re working to use our designs for betterment, you’ll find it all here.

We’ll soon be creating a new team page, to give you better insights as to how we work, and who takes care of what around Studio 77. From who’s getting your brand tone of voice just right, to who makes the meanest espresso martinis (and of course the professional stuff) all that information will be at your fingertips so you will have a better insight as to what makes Studio 77 tick.

And finally, no revamp would be complete without a showcase of what's been keeping us busy this year. We’ve collected some of the projects that have kept the studio busy this year, from branding and web builds to illustration and art direction. We’ve collected the best to show you our best, and of course, we hope to see your brand in our showcase in the future!

We hope you enjoy browsing around the place, we just can’t stop looking at it! Let us know your thoughts over on our Instagram!

We’re always building more and more content, so keep peeking back for updates!

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