What are cinemagraphs?


If you are a keen follower of changes to the digital trends, you’ll know that video and motion graphics are here to stay. Recently we have seen cinemagraphs become more popular in social media and websites to engage audiences. 

What is a cinemagraph?

Cinemagraphs are still photos but have an element of repeated movement in the image which forms a short video clip. They are usually published in GIF or an MP4 format - this format means it’s easily embedded into blog posts and social media. 


Why use a cinemagraph?

Cinemagraphs are short and easily digestible, they create an interesting look and enhance content. Apps such as Flixel and Pixaloop makes it so easy to create your own, making it affordable or if you are feeling brave using software like Photoshop and After effects can create them.

They are becoming increasingly popular with social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. They are a the in-between for still photos and videos and catch users attention whilst users are scrolling. 

Several brands such as Budweiser, Netflix are using cinemagraphs to their advantage, they can draw attention to certain details of a products, tell an intriguing story or simply to raise brand awareness. Since social many social media sites automatically have auto play it serves as a prefect place to put cinemagraphs.

So next time you are posting on social media why not use a cinemgraph instead? The results might surprise you!