InVision set to launch InVision Studio for 2018

Over the last year or so, InVision has been wooing it’s designer disciples with their game-changing prototyping functionalities, making the pdf look like a thing from the past. 

With the ability to add hover effects, navigation hot spots, sticky headers, anchor links, multiple pages, screens as overlays, (I could go on, but you get the point), it really allows you to bring your work to life and allow your clients to understand and appreciate, not only the design, but the functionality and user experience of your website and app designs.

So when I logged onto InVision to see there was a notification about InVision Studio launching in 2018, naturally I was intrigued as to what it was, and I was not disappointed with what I saw.

Is anyone else super excited about this?

Not only will this be revolutionary for us digital designers, but it will ground-breaking to use with developers to showcase how we envision (excuse the pun) our designs coming to life. How many times have you handed over a project to a developer and struggled to communicate how you imagine the animations, transitions and hovers working? This swanky piece of software smoothes out those issues, allowing you to visually communicate how you want every element to behave. Not only that, but it even spits out some of the code for the developers, saving time and money.

And let's face it, the clients are going to love seeing a fully functional prototype - am I right, or am I right?

With responsive layout design, rapid prototyping functionatliy and advanced animation capabilities, this really will change the way that designers, developers and clients work.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until January 2018 until it’s released, but you can request first access through the InVision Studio site here. (Which, by the way, truly is something else.) In the meantime, I suppose we'll cope with Sketch, but this could be paramount for the future of digital designers, and developers alike, across the world.