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Project overview
Studio 77 was tasked to deliver a premium identity and product design for an exceptional new distillery and brewery. East Gate Spirits is a distillery based in the rural countryside of Essex that places heritage and innovation at the forefront of the product.

Founded on their family farm, the master distillers and brewers draw their inspiration from the heritage of the original building and environment of the East Gate Distillery and fuse this with the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world, and pioneering advances in the distilling industry.

Our collaboration created a brand that showcased an organic, yet modern feel. A vintage postage aesthetic is used in conjunction with a minimal colour palette to create a tactile brand feel without shying away from East gates pioneering technology and outlook. The photography selected reflects the rustic environments and heritage most of the ingredients are sourced from, as well as the East Gate Farm itself.


Attention to detail is paramount to the product, and this had to be reflected in the design. We captured this with small details, the logo itself draws inspiration from the kissing gate that leads to the farm, with its traditional circular handle taking centre stage atop the “A’ of “EAST”.

Our aim was to provide the user with a structured and smooth interface online to allow them to browse and purchase products as easily as East Gates drinks go down. The user can begin browsing products with a single motion on any device, no clicking necessary. This open and intuitive way of browsing solves the problem of product accessibility and creates multiple opportunities for users to interact with the product and brand in a digital space.


“The logo itself draws inspiration from the kissing gate that leads to the farm.”


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