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Project overview
Studio 77 joined Elixirr’s creative team to execute a complete brand evolution and digital launch. Over a 4 month period, we initiated and lead several design sprints to identify their needs and further develop their web presence.

Elixirr is a financial consultancy firm that works with corporate clients to help them respond to turbulent market conditions. They achieve this through business restructuring and channeling new investment. Early on in our collaboration, we identified several core values and eventually honed them down to one overarching theme - helping large organisations thrive in response to blurring industry lines and market disruption.


To articulate this we deconstructed their digital presence, re-building from the ground up. It was important to properly reconcile smooth a user journey with an engaging and innovative brand experience. This required an in-depth analysis of the user-flow, which we then used to inform the development of wireframes, a new sitemap and a full makeover of the user interface

Over their restructuring process, we took their original gold and granite, and developed a new signature palette, selecting fonts and colour ways that would translate across print and digital collateral. We combined this with disruptive visual elements such as staggered layering and unexpected hover effects to ensure we captured the companies vision and placed them firmly in the visual environment of a challenger consultancy.


“Diligent, reliable and the perfect mix of intuitive and reasoned, Studio 77 were able to capture who we are today as a company and turn it into a design that is both beautifully sophisticated and full of personality.”

Rosie Dawkins, Marketing Manager, Elixirr


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