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Project overview
Eve lingerie is a brand placing femininity, and organic and ethical products at the spearhead of their ethos. Our partnership saw us delve into their brand to restructure it and create an online retail space for them to educate buyers and build a community around their products.

 Eve's brand ethos is that they create lavish lingerie for all women, whether they've got a slimmer frame or a gorgeous curvy body. Eve is truly for everybody. The brand’s name is obviously a reference to biblical Eve, however, it was important to re in-vision the obvious connotation this brought. Through careful and considered art direction, the brand recasts Eve as every woman, creating a narrative and community around inclusion and representation.


The online shopping experience has to reflect this, with a varied cast of empowered women as “Eve”. Through this, and the easy to use user interface, no matter who you are or what device you are using, Eve is able to create a personal and empowering buying experience.

With sustainably sourced fabrics and lingerie designed with the wearer in mind, Eve is a revolutionary fashion brand. We've created a playful, yet prestigious visual style by using a combination of accented typography and clean, well-styled photography.


“We've created a playful, yet prestige visual style by using a combination of accented typography and clean, well-styled photography.”


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